Spring Item ID: #56

Spring M16 Assault Rifle FPS-200, Red Dot, Laser, Foregrip, Collapsible Stock Airsoft Gun

Product Information:

  • Airsoft spring rifle. 6 mm BB bullet
  • Includes : airsoft spring rifle, adjustable gun stock, 50 6 mm BBs
  • Fully extended length : 850 mm
  • FPS : 200. magazine capacity : 200
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

Item Description

This durable full scale replica air gun offers hours of outdoor enjoyment. Features include bright flashlight for covert missions, safety glasses for eye protection, collapsible stock, 60 6mm bullets, and a switch that allows you to change from semi to fully auto. Lightweight for the active shooter. Disclaimer : Orange tips are required by Federal law. Do not remove the orange tip found on your airsoft gun.

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