Palco Item ID: #519

Soft Air Famas Tactical Rifle/Red Dot Scope/Light, Clear

Product Information:

  • Red dot scope and tactical flashlight included
  • Excellent shooter
  • High density composite material
  • 45rds high cap magazine
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes
  • 340-370 FPS with .12g BB, 275-300FPS with a .20g BB.
  • BAX Shooting System. This offers exceptional Stability in performance with additional bonus of increased velocity and accuracy.
  • High-Powered Heavyweight Spring Assault Rifle. 45 RD Mag Capacity
  • Integrated Tactical Flashlight and a Functional Red Dot Sight BOTH INCLUDED
  • Unique “Bullpup” configuration with the ammo feed behind the trigger maximizing barrel length while maintaining efficient use in CQB maneuvers.

Item Description

This gun has 2 different FPS#’s. When .12g BB’s are used, the approximate FPS is 350- 370 and when .20g BB’s are used, the approximate FPS is 270-290 FPS.

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