M4 Carbine Item ID: #510

APS M4 Rail System Carbine Airsoft Gun

Product Information:

  • Full Metal Body, Mechanical Blow back
  • Working bolt catch, Retractable stock
  • 9.6 volt battery requirement (dose not come with battery)
  • Modified Version 2 Gear Box, 330-360 Fps
  • mini storage compartment in stock

Item Description

APS brings us yet another M4, this time the RIS variant for the accessory-minded player. Keeping its reputation with its revolutionary blowback bolt and its 350 fps performance that is just as responsive and practical as ever.
Being a real tradition breaker, with its 20mm RIS system that can house a Mini 9.6 volt butterfly battery. This allows for a more modular setup that with little else, allows you to accessorize your gun without having to re-wire or modify your guns body so that you can have an RIS.
This model still sports APS’s full metal body that has no loose wobble and bears a striking feel and resemblance to the Real AR rifles, The sights are a traditional open iron sights, with adjustable windage knob and peeps sighs on the rear sight and traditional AR front post sight. The stock is a GLR16 style, with rubber buttpad that can be lifted to expose a small battery compartment for all of your tactical accessory needs in the heat of combat.

Internally, this item has a Mechanical Blow back that is powered on a 9.6 volt mini battery, that is loud, responsive, and reassuring. The sound that this gun produces will turn heads among those around you. The gearbox is a Modified Version 2 that is reinforced internally and externally. Accuracy is very impressive, producing a 2-3 inch grouping at around 30 yards (semi-auto), Hop adjustment is a break from normal AR airsoft guns, responding to every slight turn with a responsive hop and not slipping even on full auto. Clocking in at about 350fps this M4 will hit its mark.

A great airsoft gun for the accessory minded and the practical realist. pleasing both functional wise and skirmish wise.
***does not come with Battery***

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